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goldfinches arrive during the summer
A Unique Colorado Mountain Lodging Experience

Dale & Debbie,
Thanks for creating a perfect environment for a relaxing family vacation. Our only regret is now we have to return to the real world.  This is Colorado, as we have never seen it with all of God's beauty present.  
Thanks again, Pat, Jerry, Jared and Pugsley

Great place.  Stay away from Cataract Lake it is way too beautiful for one person to handle.  It has not changed in the past 20 years.  
Steve & Vicki and Brode

  Our 2-day stay at this cabin was a very nice treat.  The cabin was very quiet and nice place to “hang our hats” for a few days.  We will be back.
   If you've never been to Cataract Lake during the Fall you're missing the most gorgeous season.  The aspen fields around the lake were at their peak fall colors.  The mountain peaks were snow capped.  It was the most beautiful thing we've seen in quite some time.  The 2-mile hike around the lake is easy and can be done by your whole family.
   These cabins, the hikes the fishing are all a slice of heaven here.  
The Essler's


What a great little cabin.  Our little ones didn't want to leave it.  We enjoyed the quiet and wonderful views.  The kids really enjoyed the fire pit and roasting marshmallows.  I think we've had fire restrictions here in Colorado during Sara and Lily's entire lives.  This was quite the Birthday gift.  
Thank you, The Sabels

What a great place!  Beautiful scenery, bluebirds, hummingbirds, pikas on the woodpile and other critters.  We relaxed which was the intended purpose.  Thanks for a cozy nice cabin in a wonderful location.  
Enjoy the summer.
The Turners

Thank you for our wonderful stay in this beautiful cabin in this beautiful place.  We appreciate all the extras and the comforts of home!  You thought of everything!
What a great place to spend our 1st anniversary!
We plan to return again & again.
Sincerely, Mona & Bill

I woke up at dawn because I heard footsteps in the cabin.  Searching, I found no stranger.  Then I heard them again.  They were crunching through the snow outside the window.  I peeked through the blind to find innocent doe eyes.

I've never slept better than in this cozy cabin.  I worked, I played, I ate.  And I take home a new story to tell.

Thanks Dale and Debbie for making it all possible.
May God replenish all 85 feet to the reservoir this morning.

Woke up early hearing the wind and went back to sleep.  7 hours later, we had 6” of snow on the car.  Gorgeous views, peaceful cabins, comfy beds, a great long weekend.
Thanks for a great experience.
Tom and Mercedes

Mt Powell in the Gore RangeJune
My dad and I caught 28 fish.  12 in the dam of the GMR.  16 in the blue river which is part of the GMR.  I saw a lot of foxes.  

Thanks for a wonderful trip.  We loved the cabin! & the mountains & the hospitality!  You were great!  The cabin was great!  One way you could tell how happy we were:  We stayed 12 days instead of the originally planned 7!  Thanks again.  
Jean and Ruth

Dale & Debbie
Well it's Thanksgiving and my first year of cooking a big dinner.  And I did it!!  Surprise, surprise!!  Our honeymoon in June was wonderful, it was really nice but this stay was a lot better because of the beautiful lights and snow.  We loved your hospitality.  You are very wonderful people.  Thank you so much for the stay.  We will be back year after year!!  Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.  Travis & Ivisann

Enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Nice to get away for awhile.  Have been looking for a cabin to stay in all trip.  Hiked in the Cataract Creek & Lake area.  Beautiful scenery - esp. wild flowers this time of year.  Tried panning for gold in Blue River but no success.  Maybe someone else can strike it rich.
Rich and Kay

Thank you for a wonderful time - an unexpected pleasure - a Rocky Mountain High for 3 of us from California!  We'll be back.
Stephanie & Susan & Maggie the Golden Retriever

Great place to stay!  All the comforts of home with out all the background stuff!  We truly enjoyed the serenity.
Marc, Vicki & Aimee

Arrived in Denver 8/23
Drove out here8/24 for our greatest vacation ever!  We work hard so consequently we also play hard.
Day 1 - arrive, get settled in
Day 2 - dinner with local friends in their mountain cabin “in” Montezuma.
Day 3 - ATV tours in Breck.
Day 4 - Trail riding at Bar T Outfitters
Day 5 - White water rafting in Vail.  
Day 6 - Cattle Drive at Rusty Spur Ranch
Day 7 - THE SPA! At the Lodge in Breck AND my Birthday!  Time for massage, facial, pedicure & then dinner at the Hearthstone!  What a wonderful birthday gift from my better half, BJ.  He's the most wonderful man in the world!

The cabin here at Melody Lodge was the perfect home base for our activities.
Our hot tub soak with the mountains in the background was the best serenity therapy ever!
Dale & Debbie are great!
We'll be back!
Vickie & BJ

This is our 5th year coming up here - it gets better every year.

The fishing was great!!  The new cabins are very nice.  We were happy to hear they were completed.  We can't wait to come back next year.
The Vances'

This is our first time to Heeney.  I brought Eric here for his 26th B day.  It was a surprise for him, but also for me.  It's such a beautiful, quiet & peaceful retreat.  We'll definitely be back - with our dog Zoe!  Thanks for a great weekend.
Eric & Terri

What a great place to stay - Quiet & pretty.  We came to work on our scrapbooks and had a great little getaway.  We will be back.  

Thank you for allowing dogs to be in the cabins.  We have 2 boxers - Samson & Delilah.  They are well behaved & don't worry, they didn't make any messes.  It's hard to find places that allow pets.  Please don't stop!  Thanks,
Daren & Connie

We were pleasantly surprised with this cabin!  We took our lab to the reservoir & played “retrieve” for about 3 hours.
A must hike is Lower Cataract Lake, but go early in the a.m. (before the typical afternoon showers)
I am a native Coloradan & still finding beautiful mountain trails!  Thanks,
Bob & Nancy

Thank you very much!  You've done an awesome job!  We'll be back again.  Thanks for letting us have our dog with us.
We spent our honeymoon here.  And from reading some of the other entries maybe this should be called the “Honeymoon Cabin.”
Michael & Michelle

Had a great stay.  We relaxed and did what we had planned on our 3rd honeymoon (20 years).  Caught fish, saw wildlife (a doe close to us at least 40 ft), host graciously filled the hummingbird feeder for us - we saw many.  Woodpecker, rabbit, gopher, muskrats, herd elk and owl hooting.
Kurt & Darlene, parents of 3 teenagers

Thank you for an enjoyable vacation.  Your cabins were a welcome surprise.  We were all very comfortable.  We especially enjoyed the campfire pit in back and the outdoor grill (Elk fillets - yum!)
Also we are very thankful you are located so close to Scott & Jen.  It's nice not to have to drive to and from Silverthorne each day.  We will definitely be back.  Thank you again for everything.  
The Robbins and Salamones
P.S.  An outdoor wedding in the mountains of Heeney is an incredible thing!!

Our Melody Lodge Cabin was wonderful - much nicer than we had expected!  Everything we needed was here.  The kids especially enjoyed the direct-TV, lots of good movies.  The weather was a bit warmer than usual for this time of the year (62 degrees) but for flat-lander first-time skiers it was perfect.  We'd like to come back in the summer to do some kayaking and hiking and maybe white-water rafting.
Thanks for your warm hospitality - we appreciated your friendliness and help with things to do.  Good luck with your family reunion in June.
Kristi, Rob, Joe & Ryan & Bethany

Woke up to snow on the peaks.  Rain mixed with snow all morning.  Watched a coyote in the meadow.  Weather cleared in the afternoon.  Around dusk we saw a small heard of deer and a cow elk in the meadow.  Eve is cool and pleasant. Hope weather lets us out of the cabin.

Today was the usual “awesome” Colorado Day.  Lots of blue sky and sunshine.  Saw a very large badger in the meadow.  Thanks for a wonderful, comfortable cabin.  Our fisherman of the group caught a trout big enough to feed all 7 of us.  Our friends rode their motorcycles over to Vail ten back to Loveland Ski, saw several people skiing.  Isn't it a great place to be.  This really is God's Country.
Thanks from the Klockers, the Creeks, the Camps and Dick
PS.  We just saw some 4 elk at 9:00PM

Beautiful weather!  The four of us have had an enjoyable, interesting, and relaxing weekend.  The accommodations were more than expected - comfortable and well appointed.
Lower Cataract Lake look hike ( which we made in about 4 hours!) provided many photo opps - flowers and scenery.
We watched hay baling next door with interest.
We saw prairie dogs, a coyote, a badger, robins, hummer, a wren, red winged black birds, ad heard coyote calls.
Thanks for the use of the kayaks.  Apparently they are more comfortable for the younger generation!
A wonderful weekend was completed with a dinner of fresh caught cutthroat and rainbow trout, eaten around the round table on the deck as we watched the clouds of the evening change color and observed lightning flashing in the clouds to the South!
Janet and Jim
Barb and Lee

Jesse and I enjoyed a relaxing time here.  Your cabins are clean & cozy, not to mention very private & quiet.  Your bed is very comfortable.  Did not have the no- sleep backache like hotels and motels.  Thank you for a relaxing stay here.
We enjoyed the sounds of nature, seeing the deer & the hike we took around the lake was breathtaking.  Didn't catch any fish but just waiting for a tug on the line was worth it.
We'll be back again.
Thank you & Aloha
Jeannie & Jesse

We loved it here.  I promise we'll be back.  It was everything we had hoped our first anniversary would be.  Thanks for the hospitality.  We'll sse you soon hopefully
Becky & Noah
*Yeah, I finally caught a fish, maybe next time I'll catch my 2nd one!!

Green Mountain was truly an experience!  Jeff fishes up here often and told me about the Bear.  Seeing the bear for myself took my breath away!  He was majestic and fun to watch, from a distance.  All the wild animals, and nature all around us, made our stay very treasured.  This is surely God's country!  Your cabins are so enjoyable and so clean and kept.  Thanks for you hospitality ad we will be back….
Jeff & Diane

We really enjoyed our 3 night stay with you.  Loved cabin #4 - it was cozy and quiet.  The loudest sounds were the occasional car and the humming birds fighting over the feeder - just wonderful.  Our time was too short - but what a nice break to our road trip.  We are on our way to Arkansas Ozark Region where we will stay in another cabins on Bull Shoals while visiting my husband's father.  Motel stays in between - Ugh!!  Thanks so much for allowing our “faithful companions” too.  It's nice to reward them with some freedom to be dogs & do “dog stuff”!  He loved the trails - even on his lead - didn't want to have to pull out porcupine quills!  Thanks for your hospitality & being the guardians of this “shangra-la” - truly special -
Dave & Georgia (&Jake)

            And she wept
Wept for the sun,
Wept for the wind,
 this was not a cry of miserable meaning,
 it was a cry of gratitude for
 every surrounding nearer in
 her heart there was a
 meaningful glow in her joyful
 heart.  Of unspeakable
 sparkles trickling down her
 very face.  She was grateful
 of the land of earth.

9 year old girl
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