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Hunting & Fishing             

        MLC fishing service - Cole catches fish from pontoon boat with guide Dale.
       Elk hunting 2010 - Randy 6 point      Big deer, little deer - 2010  big game hunting   2nd season deer hunting - Pepper gang     Deer hunting november 2009 - J Curtis 1st  Pennsylvania hunters 2007 Three big bulls November 2008 T Warren 10 07 big game hunting - 5 point elk bagged by Tom 2007  Pennsylvania hunters do great - Oct 2007           Robert always catches trout at our private access to the Green Mountain Reservoir inlet - June 2009 MLC fishing service - Cole catches fish from pontoon boat with guide Dale.  Herb and Robert compaire fish.  the grandkids catch two fish on their own - June 2008. Jennifer caught a bunch of trout - jun 2008 fishing 7/2008 - Herb with his Cataract trout   Robert with trout catch July 2009 A beautiful day for this couple on their guided fishing trip with Dale.  Ashley loves fishing in the Blue River inlet to the Reservoir  July 2009 Sam caught a huge one May 2008. Dale's HUGE 34 lake trout 36 lake trout 29 Salmon snagging Sept 2001  Robert and Michelle catch lots of trout with Dad at Cataract Lake.  Beautiful fall trout catch.  fly fishing the Blue River. Huge lake trout are great sport mid to late May when reservoir is low. Gregg always catches  a lot of trout in the Blue River just south of our cabins.    Robert is a proud fisherman.  The kids love to fish from the pontoon boat.
 Willis was one of the kings of salmon snagging.     The best year for deer hunting.  Kevin bagged a big buck. Calvin bagged a HUGE buck - Way to go!             Awesome salmon snagging day!
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