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Melody Lodge Cabins sets in the
A Unique Colorado Mountain Seasonal Lodging Experience

We are Dale and Debbie.  Our cabins are family owned. We have been renting vacation cabins at this location since 1995. We feel very blessed to be able to work in such a beautiful location and to have met so many wonderful guests over the years, many have become good friends. We remodeled all the old buildings and built the new ones on the west side of the road. We have had a lot of help from family and friends over the years. After 23 years of sharing our cabins with 1000's of the best guests in the world, we are ready to take it easy and rent the cabins for 4-6 months at a time.  

Starting in the spring we will be taking applications for 5 month minimum summer rentals and 5 month minumum winter rentals.  
Pick your favorite season and come experience the mountains.

For 20 years Dale and I have always been the
persons you talk to on the phone, the hosts that check you in when you arrive and the store "clerks."   Debbie has always done the majority of the housekeeping and Dale does the majority of the maintenance. Our home is on the property and we have not found any place else in the country we would rather be in the summer than right here, at the Green Mountain Reservoir, but we are now at "retirement age" and trying to figure out how to retire.

We truly look forward to having you visit!
Contact us via email: melodylg@colorado.net

or mail:

Melody Lodge Cabins
1534 Heeney Rd 30
Heeney Colorado 80498
or  phone:
970-468-8497 or  800-468-8495
Dale Mitchener and Debra Gregory-Mitchener
Our website is done "in house" (in our house) by me, Debbie (webqueen, cleaning princess, bookkeeper and hostess).  On these pages I try to share the kind of "stuff" you want to know before you drive to "our little place in paradise".  Thank you for visiting and I hope it is an enjoyable experience.  For those of you that have never visited our area, I am an ametuer photographer and my pictures do not do the area justice, but we hope this information and pictures entice you to visit the area to see for yourself!  It has been a lot of work for us over the years BUT we consider ourselves VERY LUCKY to be able to live here all the time. We look forward to sharing this beautiful area with all of you.


please call 800-468-8495 for information
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