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Cabin B, one bedroom cabin, at Melody Lodge Cabins.
  A Unique
Colorado Mountain Seasonal Lodging  Experience

One-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-room SEASONAL cabins, surrounded by open ranch land in the Lower Blue River Valley, at the south end of the Green Mountain Reservoir. Pick you favorite season - summer/fall or winter/spring - and spend it in the mountains!
Our private trail to the inlet and some of the best fishing in the area.
Quiet and Views all around.
Call today!!  
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We are only 20-30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of several well known 4-season resorts but a "million miles away", nestled in the heart of mountain ranch land, adjacent to the historic Knorr Lakeside ranch.  View of Blue River inlet to lake  from Brush Creek Trail.  Melody Lodge Cabins located center left.   Melody Lodge Cabins.  #1 and #2 in duplex right bottom corner.  2 story building on left is old lodge building/office/store. Cabins B and C visible.                            

 Our property is not real big but we are surrounded by big space - open ranch meadows and public land.  The cabins all have rustic exteriors but are modern and clean inside. Some days we have so many hummingbirds they will empty all the feeders in a day.
All our CABINS  have full kitchens and come fully furnished. You will be pleasantly surprised at the generous sizes of our cabins, they are small houses.  
And they are pet friendly - Mature dogs are welcome  for an additional fee and with some restrictions.       

Cabin descriptions & rates:
               updated 9/2018

5 month minimum for seasonal rentals
May or June - October or November
November or December - April or May
(depends on availability)
Furnished (no linens), sat. tv, limited wifi (no streaming)
water, trash included in rent.  
ATT cell service usually works, No Verizon.
18 miles north of Silverthorne, no bus service.
Application, credit report, security deposit + last month rent
required for move-in.  

Cabin #1 living roomCabin #2 front deckCabin #1 kitchenCabin #2 living room

Two Spacious two-bedroom cabins - Cabins #1 and #2.
Full kitchens equipped with coffee makers and microwaves, gas log fireplace, satellite tv, limited wifi(no streaming allowed), front decks, side by side duplex.  Queen bed in one bedroom, double and single in other bedroom. Full bath.  Maximum 3 occupants.    


$1650/month + utilities
for up to 3 persons   


$1550/month + utilities
for 3 persons or
$1750/month for "skiing lodging"
for up to 5 persons

Cabin B front porchCabin A bedroomCabin B kitchen
Two Charming one-bedroom cabins -
Cabins A and B - originally built in late 1930's, additions built in 70's and remodeled over the years.  Cozy living areas, A has a warm brick fireplace, B has a wood burning stove.  
Each has satellite TV, a large kitchen equipped with microwave and coffee maker, 3/4 bathroom, covered porch, a queen bed in the bedroom.  Each cabin sleeps up to 2 persons.

May through Oct

$1150/month + utilities
none available this summer


$850/month + utilities
up to 2 persons

Cabin C one-room cabinCabin C sofa areaCabin C kitchen areaCabin C, one room cabin
One Cozy one-room cabin - Cabin C.  
"The Little Cabin" is only about 300 sq ft.  It is our more "rustic" cabin.  The front area has a double bed and sitting area with hideabed sofa. The rest is kitchen and dining, plus a small half bath with stool and shower. Covered porch.  Sleeps up to 2 persons.


$850/month + utilities
for single person


$750/month + utilities
for single person

Sunset at the inlet to Green Mountain Reservoir - water like glass and time to go fishing.CANCELLATION POLICY - So there is no misunderstanding, please understand you will be charged for the time you reserve. If you cancel your rental contract at anytime prior to arrival you will forfeit your deposit and last month rent unless we can re-rent your space.

 SMOKING AND MARIJUANA POLICY - Smoking of anything is not allowed INSIDE our cabins.  We do allow smoking OUTSIDE on your porch or deck, including marijuana, by adults of legal age BUT it needs to be done discreetly.  

Possession and use of marijuana is a sensitive subject and we will do our best to accomodate our guest and friends of all opinions.  

Since most persons do not know or understand the local rules and laws associated with marijuana use, we have a seperate page that explains all that.  If you plan to use marijuana in Summit County, please visit the page.  Please feel free to ask what we allow and what is not allowed on our property when you call about reservations.

Melody Lodge Cabins flower
HOUSEKEEPING POLICIES - Our cabins are housekeeping cabins - you are required to clean up prior to vacating.  We expect you to return the cabin to us in the same condition that you received it - wash dishes, sweep and vacummn, remove trash, clean bathroom etc.  If excessive cleaning is required we will withhold a cleaning fee from your deposit,  amount will depend on how long it takes us to prepare the cabin for the next tenants.

DAY VISITORS POLICY - Also, for several reasons, we limit the total number persons allowed in a cabin, day or night - that includes "day visitors".  We expect our guests to respect our limits and not abuse their welcome.   If you have friends or family camping around the reservoir, please visit with them at their campsites.  Due to the lack of water and sewer hookups at the campgrounds, day visitors are especially not allowed to use our water and septic related facilities.  Excessive visitors will be asked to leave.  

Guss, our German Shorthair Pointer.
PET POLICY - We will consider mature, quiet dogs - they must be at least 18 months old and completely house trained.  They are allowed to be left unattend the cabin as long as they are quiet and not destructive.  They are required to be on leash while outside on our property and are not allowed to be left unattended on leash outside.  Aggressive breeds like Pit bulls and rotweilers, cats, kittens and puppies are NOT allowed. No exceptions.

Osprey enjoys his fish meal on top of our electrical pole.WIRELESS INTERNET - Yes, we have wireless internet BUT our service is provided by satellite.  It is not as fast as DSL and our total usage is limited by FCC regulations.  If we violate those limits our service is interrupted, possibly up to 30 days.  SO...we do not allow our tenants to download movies, tv shows, stream radio or live shows and no downloading or uploading of  large files.  Please do all your large downloads in town.  We are aware that this may be an inconvenience for some BUT we love our rural location and are grateful for the service because our only alternative is dialup.  Please consider these limitations, espcially if you have children that depend on the internet, before making the commitment to spend a season with us.

 for your convenience

is on our property - A little bit of a lot of  stuff
Convenience grocery items
DOW Licenses
Forest Service annual passes
Ice cream
Fishing Poles
Camping stuff
Deli Express Sandwiches

Office/Store - drink cooler, gallons of water and snacks.Papa's Little Country store and office checkinStore groceriesStore - chips, candy, hats and SMORES stuff.
please call 970-468-8497 for reservations.
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